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Conversation Between zull69 and suahgu

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  1. Please take some time to post TWO (2) posts at the given link below. Once you have posted it, wait for a while for the server to refresh. Once the server have refresh (approximately 10-20 minutes, your status will be changed to ClanBaby. This is where the locked threads will be UNLOCKED and you will be able to view it.

    Sila luangkan sedikit masa dan tolong post DUA (2) posts di dalam link yang diberikan di bawah. Selepas anda sudah membuat dua post, server akan menukarkan status anda kepada ClanBaby (ini kebiasaannya mengambil masa 10-20 minit). Selepas itu, anda barulah boleh menikmati board yang terkunci.


    2) Newbie Check In Corner 2016 [COMPULSORY]

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